Antibacterial cover for massage table Canada

Protect your clients with an anti-bacterial cover specially designed to protect portable, fixed, electric and multifunctional massage tables. All our accessories are made in Canada. Order online and get fast shipping everywhere in Canada, USA, and worldwide.

Nomad antibacterial cover for massage tables: to protect your customers in all circumstances

In these particular times, it is essential to protect your clients from potential viruses (including Covid-19 coronavirus disease) and diseases, even while receiving care, massage or medical treatment. Nomad offers you an anti-bacterial cover specially designed for massage tables. Since no disinfectant products should be used on massage tables, an antibacterial cover will be highly useful to you.

This cover is made from a new type of Challenger vinyl with an Endurepel Armour finish, with anti-stain, anti-bacterial and tough anti-mould properties, and is also available in several sizes and colors. The cover is resistant to cleaning with disinfectant products such as (or equivalent):

  • Irox 5
  • Oxivir Plus
  • Oxivir TB
  • Oxivir TB Wipes
  • Accel PREVentions
  • Accel Five TB
  • Oasis 146
  • Bleach

Why choose the Nomad antibacterial cover for your massage table?

Nomad has been a manufacturer of massage table accessories for over twenty years. We work every day to develop products that optimize and protect your massage tables. Our products and accessories distinguish themselves from the competition by their high quality, solidity, durability and versatility. Our accessories are also offered at competitive prices that will suit all budgets.

Any questions?

If you would like more information on our antibacterial cover for massage tables, our prices or our other products, do not hesitate to contact us. Our specialized team will be happy to answer your questions. Buy your blanket online and get fast delivery anywhere in Quebec, Canada and around the world.